Artistroom is a design studio that varies its interest very much in the interior environment. Founded since 2008, we have been designing customize functional interior space to suit clients' needs. We have been creating several interior design projects in Singapore.


As designers and artists, we seek to understand clients' needs. From there we create and 'make' spaces for our clients' living environments, to let them indulge, 'feel' the space, and when they in it, to 'use' and live in the space. We aim to create environments that people will enjoy. We help clients in across all parts of the design process, from efficient space planning, colour management to Interior fittings selections, helping people to create a environment that gives great pleasure. We are interested in working on projects of different scales regardless whether they are big or small.


We believe in giving our best in every individual project as we seek to maintain personal relationship and service towards our clients, as such we cherish every opportunity to deliver design value.


To create a different impression of interior space planning in every project.